How to Sell

Here is a guide on how to Sell $IOC

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How to Sell

Make sure you only get contract addresses from legitimate sources. If you are unsure, please raise a ticket in Discord or reach out to

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Step One

Make sure you have ETH Gas on the Ethereum Mainnet within your Web 3.0 Wallet. Always make sure you are using the legitimate Web 3.0 wallet of your choice.

To obtain ETH, head to one of the major exchanges allowed in your local jurisdiction to be able to exchange your assets for Ethereum.

NEVER give out your seed phrase or private key

Step Two

With ETH in your Web 3.0 wallet Copy the contract address below. It is extremely important to copy the whole address and only this address.

Copy this ⬇️

➡️ 0xeD1DdC491A2c8b1f7D6e8933580a47E124EA38db ⬅️

The above address is the ERC-20 token address for the $IOC Token. This may differ somewhat from the Liquidity Pool (LP) address but this address is all you will need.

Step Three

Head to the official Uniswap page. Once again, there are many clones of the Uniswap site and you need to make sure you have the right one. The link should always say this >

Now you should be able to see a screen that looks like this. This is found under the 'SWAP' tab at the top left of the Uniswap screen. Make sure you click on the arrow in the middle to swap the asstes over. ETH needs to be on the bottom

Step Four

Click 'Select token' and within the search bar, paste the token address that you copied earlier in the process

Token Address: 0xeD1DdC491A2c8b1f7D6e8933580a47E124EA38db

Now select 'IOC Token'

At this moment in time your screen should look something like this, with the IOC token at the top and ETH at the bottom

Step Five

Now you can enter the amount of IOC Token that you wish to trade for the ETH. Enter the amount of IOC Tokens that you would like to sell in the top box to see the amount of ETH that you should get once the trade happens. When there is low liquidity, there may be a % loss on top of the amount you're looking to trade to be careful.

Never risk any amount that you cannot afford to lose

Click 'Swap' followed by 'Confirm swap' if you are happy with the transaction. Congratulations, you have successfully traded your IOC Tokens for ETH.

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