IOC Membership

IOC Memberships are on offer from $14.99 for our basic services or holding our IOC token. This page details information about our memberships


IOC Membership are used to gain prioritised access to our services, more so than a general member of the public requesting our services. If you're a member, you can benefit from a range of offerings like:

  • Exclusive roles in our Discord community server

  • Friend role

  • Free research request*

  • Anytime basic support*

  • Ad-hoc access to researchers and investigators

  • Commissions from referrals for ARMRD (see

  • Personal and private 1:1 support*

*For basic memberships, these are limited to one at a time and once per month at a basic membership level.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is purchased through the website. You can pay for this using PayPal which will create a monthly recurring payment of the amount shown on the webpage. A basic membership provides you with all of the above benefits and more specifically, where there is an asterix these indicate that the specific offering is limited at a basic level.

IOC Token Holders

IOC Token holders have more priority and have less restrictions compared to a Basic Membership. There are tiered levels which are automatically detected in Discord, allowing your personal roles be added or removed depending on your token holdings. The holdings required for each tier and the associated benefits, are as follows:

Make sure you go to Discord to claim your role!

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