🔓Team Multisig

This multisig holds approximately 10% of the supply of the IOC token which was purchased after the LP was added.

Consumers should only invest in crypto assets if they understand the risks involved and are prepared to lose all their money.

Consumers should not expect protection from the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or Financial Ombudsman Service (the ombudsman service) if something goes wrong.

This is a company 3 out of 4 multisig which means 3 people on the below list must sign a transaction to withdraw the LP. You will see below, that all four of these wallets are 4 team wallets. - , Founder 0x982000533a563f6eF9F4b2eC3586cFd985Fd25Bc - Necksus, Team Member - Caas, Community Member (former team member) 0x11430B560D384823c33f01e4f5B38931b74B5C61 - Intelligenceonchain.eth, company wallet controlled by JP_IOC 0xC2b9399C0c92e332EA34E2Ac3D8FF7f9e313CB89 For full transparency, below is the link showing the IOC Tokens within the Safe.

The IOC Community token is NOT intended to make any form of profit for its holders and actually carries a significant amount of risk, including but not limited to

- Loss of Funds - Regulatory Risks - Market Risks - Cybersecurity Risks - Operational Risks

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions when interacting with the IOC Token.

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